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Seminar Overview 

Active shooter events, while statistically rare, nevertheless command a significant amount of attention. While emergency responders are well versed in dealing with these events, significant readiness gaps exists at locations where these events occur. This seminar is designed to help organizations close these preparation, planning and response gaps by providing a series of strategies to deal with an active shooter event.

Key Questions

  • What is an active shooter?

  • Are there indicators of potential violence?

  • What strategies can be employed to respond to an active shooter event?

  • How can you prepare and plan for an active shooter event?
  • If I have a plan for responding to an active shooter event, what next?

 Areas of Application

Security awareness, preparedness, planning, training, exercising and corrective action.

Who Should Attend

Security Analysts, Human Resources Professionals, Emergency Management Professionals, Managerial and Supervisory Level Professionals.


Active shooter reaction strategies, active shooter planning construct, training, exercise and corrective action construct.

Registration will be capped at 20 persons. For questions please contact us at

*As with many learning institutes, individuals wishing to attend are selectively qualified for attendance based on business needs.

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