Analytical Risk Management Process

Kevin Hodges

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Seminar Overview

The Analytical Risk Management Process highlights an approach to viewing all-hazards to an enterprise focusing on establishing programs centering on threats/hazardous and vulnerabilities and how an organization can mitigate the consequence of unwanted events.  If applied across organizational programs, it facilitates basing expenditures, processes and measures on informed risk management decisions.  Students will receive instruction on how to determine asset criticality, threats/hazards, identifying vulnerabilities and when combined their impacts on operations.  Students will also receive instruction on factors influencing a risk decision, and finally developing strategies to mitigate vulnerabilities and risk. 

Key Questions 

What is an Analytical Risk Management Process? 
How do I determine what assets are most critical?
How can I determine the impact of a threat on operations?
How can I measure the impact of vulnerabilities and what can I do to mitigate them? 
What’s involved with determining risk and a risk management decision?

Areas of Application

Security planning, operations, risk analysis, and risk management. 

Who Should Attend

Security Officers, Managers and Analysts, Intelligence Analysts, Physical and Information Security Professionals, Risk Managers.

 Registration will be capped at 20 persons. For questions please contact us at
*As with many learning institutes, individuals wishing to attend are selectively qualified for attendance based on business needs 

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