Becoming Odysseus Two-Day In-Class Course

Dr. Mark Mateski
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Course Instructor

The course is taught by Dr. Mark Mateski, founder of Red Team Journal a respected innovator in the red teaming community. Dr. Mateski was the opening keynote at the Army’s most recent red teaming conference and has taught red teaming skills to a range of government and commercial clients.

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The course is limited to a total of 25 students

Course Summary

The two-day “Becoming Odysseus” courses is designed to educate students in the art of red teaming, broadly defined. The course is “domain agnostic”; in other words, the topics and tools in apply to the practice of strategy, planning, intelligence, or security, whether in business, government, military, or law enforcement. At the end of the course, fully engaged students will be better able to both structure a red teaming engagement and think like a red teamer. Students receive electronic copies of both the “Mind the Gap” cards and the “Stratagem Tiles”™ tile set.

Day 1: "West" - Structuring the Red Team Event

      * Stakeholders and concerns
      * Using the “Box It” method to map scenarios and assumptions
      * Using the “Mind the Gap” cards to refine the design
      * Systems engineering and analysis for red teamers
      * Introduction to risk
      * Introduction to attack trees
      * Introduction to red teaming

Day 2: "East" - Thinking Like Red Teamer

Introduction to game theory
      * The red teamer’s “go-to” moves
      * Time and art of red teaming
      * Perception, misperception, deception
      * Using the “LexiCon” method to understand and manage perceptions
      * Using the “Stratagem Tiles”™ method to generate new ideas

Registration will be capped at 25 persons.

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*As with many learning institutes, individuals wishing to attend are selectively qualified for attendance based on business needs.

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